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The TRC interviews the best and most relevant artists around the world in a manner that is focused on the Toronto music scene, as well as for general interest. Many interviews coincide with upcoming Toronto events, so check them out for more information.

Full Lineup for Dada Life’s Compound Conquest at Rebel Nightclub Rolled Out


Traversing the Success of Toronto’s Overnight Post-Dubstep Ascendancy, TBC

Just a couple years ago, Toronto's dubstep community neared a standstill thanks to a multitude of global factors. At the time, leading promoters...


Toronto’s Trending Shuffler is Offering Classes For Beginners [INTERVIEW]

A picture frame, a vase and white wall, @Rebelindustry requires very little in her backdrop to impress viewers and social media influencers with her...


Navigating Toronto’s Subterranean G-House Climate with Maddmon

Maddmon is the personification of what is intriguing about Toronto's millennial house music movement. Navigating the provocative and trendy world of...


Meet Toronto’s Shuffle Crew Determined to Create a Judgement-Free Dance Zone

Shuffle circles are synonymous with the current incarnation of electronic music festivals. When traversing the crowd in the hot summer heat, you're...


Inside the Mind of Toronto’s Intrepid Techno Storyteller, Guyus Grey

Since 2012, Downpour has proved to be one of Toronto's most compelling boundary-hopping and high concept recording companies. Founded by Canadian...

Someone Tagged Massey Hall, and People are Pissed


Toronto Company Aims to Ensure Your Phone Never Dies at a Festival or Night Out Again

You're at an all-day music festival, you've been Snapchatting for hours, you're phone is taking triple the amount of time to upload anything because...


Ontario’s Newest Event Company Aiming to Tackle Hard Dance Movement in Toronto

To say that Toronto isn't brimming with international hard dance bookings is an understatement. A couple years back, the bassy high-bpm genre known...


“The Underground is Always Current” Destructo Compares American and Canadian Music Fans

Last May, one of our writers had the chance to speak at length with Gary Richards AKA Destructo about how he developed the world renowned HARD...

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