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Lifestyle encompasses many elements, but primarily focuses on opinion pieces, giveaways, contests, user polls, and other promotions. Lifestyle can also be considered a grab bag of everything that does not fall under the umbrella of strictly music, events, interviews, or news. In other words, this is the fun category!

Niagara Falls is Getting a Culinary/Camping Music Festival on Labour Day Weekend


Brawl Erupts at 2AM After “Order took too long” at Queen Street Pizza Pizza [VIDEO}

A fight broke out at the Queen and Broadview Pizza Pizza around 2AM on Sunday morning, and the video is now going viral on Youtube. For once, it was...


California-based Model Maker Creates 1:50 Scale Miniature of Rebel Nightclub in Toronto

What is this? A nightclub for ants? Bottles poppin', beats droppin' and glue drying. Less than a year after its opening, California-based model...


King Street’s Facelift Goes to TTC/City for Approval w/ No Parking or Through Traffic

The King Street Transit Pilot is moving along at a rapid pace, now heading to the powers that be for approval. The report, which sees the stretch of...


Girl Selling Digital Dreams Tickets Has Meltdown on Tinder and Gets Trolled Hard

Don't mix dating with ticket soliciting... A woman selling tickets to Digital Dreams last spring let loose a crazed rant on an unsuspecting right...


Map Shows How Expensive Toronto Condos Are Across Subway Line

In the market for a new downtown apartment, but are afraid of straying too far from public transit? The Star rolled out a map that visually...

This is mau5trap’s Artist-first Ethos, “We don’t take sh*t too seriously.” [INTERVIEW]


Drug Checking and Harm Reduction Class Happening in Toronto This Week

The Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy and CheckitKit are helping Torontonians better understand the appropriate methods for drug checking...


Toronto Art Collective Making Giant Fire-breathing Dragon Vehicle for Burning Man

Heavy Meta, a collaborative art project based in Toronto is developing a monstrous sculpture with goals to bring it to the globe's biggest festivals...


Throw DIY Events on Rooftops, in Apartments and at Laundromats w/ Toronto Startup

It's no secret that Torontonian concert-goers are at a loss for live music venues. With concert halls and nightclubs changing hands, changing locks...

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