Don’t expect to hear any material by Arty on his next North American tour. On May 5th, the mastermind behind tracks like ‘Rebound,’ ‘Mozart,’ ‘Trio,’ ‘Together We Are,’ and ‘Bloodfire’ collides with Toronto’s Uniun Nightclub, yet won’t be playing a single one of those songs.

Last month, the European producer took to Facebook to write a lengthy diary about his own music making methods, self criticism and his identity as a performer. He also announced that he’d be bringing back the Alpha 9 alias, a progressive trance brand that long-time fans would surely recognize. Adding further detail to the rebrand, Arty indicated that his most popular pseudonym is a separate project altogether from the re-emerging Alpha 9. “Although Alpha 9 is still me, it’s a totally separate project from Arty, focused on totally different music. I’m taking Arty music further towards the dance scene, while Alpha 9 will be a progressive/trance oriented project, this applies to branding, releases and live sets.” Arty has announced the Alpha 9 Tour will begin in May in Brooklyn and journeying across North America into June. Alpha 9 makes its first live appearance during Miami Music Week this month.



Feature image by RUKES