Rather than being the bane of bike police and harbour patrol boats, you’ll actually be able to spend the night among the trees, breeze and sandy shoreline of the Toronto Islands this summer. Friday July 28th, 29th and 30th, Toronto’s most intrinsic party planner is holding a extrasensory music festival at the tranquil grounds of Artscape Gibraltar Point near the south-west end of the island. SummerDaze, entering their 7th year of promoting nightlife events, are adding Camp SummerDaze to their yearly roster of forward-thinking lifestyle events. Organizers are encouraging guests to restore, aspire, contribute, and dance through the island’s natural beauty while enjoying hours of daily programming. SummerDaze are importing interactive workshops, keynote speakers, artisan vendors, yoga, art installations, holistic services, and more to the pop-up paradise.

As for the camping itself – these ticket holders will gain access to exclusive Friday night programming, BBQ, brunch, special pricing packages, and more. Only standard size two person tents will be allowed. Guest suites will be available to those less adventurous festival-goers who prefer to sleep indoors.

Bespoke Experience, the production team behind SummerDaze, will of course be carefully selecting musical offering that will encompass some of the best local DJs and live acts in addition to 5+ international headliners from the electronic community. Bespoke’s regime of mesmerizing techno and ambient musicians will echo a dramatic audio component that is sure to harmonize with the great outdoors.



Feature image by Ded Agency