Live Nation isn’t hiding the identity of Toronto’s previous summer tentpole music festival. Organizers are instead adding to the legacy of what was known as Bud Light Digital Dreams Festival, now in the format of Bud Light Dreams Music Festival.

Coming out of 2016, one of the most crowded seasons for festivals in Canada, Bud Light Dreams is promised to put focus on a specific segment of the festival market. “With so many festivals looking to attract the entire spectrum of fans from across many genres, we’ve decided to take a different approach, creating a truly unique festival experience for a defined fan,” says Mark Russel, Project Manager for Bud Light Dreams, in today’s press release.

Dreams’ next format is that of a boutique event, moving from the concrete field of Ontario Place’s parking lot onto the actual footprint of the island’s east side. While the layout itself changes, the genres of music offered at the show will take a more refined turn, pivoting from the reliance on the main stage commercial dance music acts of years past. “This isn’t a festival for everyone, it’s not a catchall festival, it’s for an older fan who has been to a few festivals and have come to expect as much out of the festival experience as they d the music they’re there to dance to,” Mark adds. Dreams Festival has a 19+ designation to complete this evolution.

As electronic music fans continue to mature in age and their music tastes, so too does their taste for the festival experience. Live Nation’s new conquest at Echo Beach looks to support the festival going music fan who 5 years ago attended their first event, and are now seasoned festival goers.

The new site layout features 3 stages – Echo Beach, the House of Dreams and will re-introduce the waterfront stage, a fan favourite from 2014. Bud Light Dreams takes place Echo Beach on July 7th and July 8th.


Feature image by Ded Agency