You like announcements of announcements, right? A couple of tweets made by Bestival patriarch Rob Da Bank are leading fans to believe news about this year’s Toronto-bound show is incoming. While the colossal Bollywood temple stage’s move to Europe and the lack of announcements earlier this year had devoted festival followers uneasy, these messages may indicate that good things are on their way. In 2016, the show took place from June 11th-12th at Woodbine Park, and 2015’s event went on from June 12th-13th at Toronto Island – both announced in the winter of their prospective years.

Well worth noting, Bestival’s co-promoter Embrace operates Time Festival, an event that looks to have shifted its placement from the late summer to June 9th and 10th according to Ontario’s grant listing. This week would have generally served as Bestival Toronto’s homestead. View Rob da Bank’s tweets below.

Lastly, Bestival’s lineup landing page advertises 2017’s lineup as coming soon. It’s no “mark the date” branding, but hopefully adds credence to the fact that announcements are around the corner. On the other hand, the news we’re being teased with might not be positive after all.


Feature image via BlogTO