If you’re a big fan of Flume, Odesza and The Chainsmokers’ current charting triumphs, Drake Underground’s Saturday show is for you. Kilter, an imaginative trip hop purveyor who excels at generating tribal-themed beats, arrives in Toronto on May 6th. Bringing a melding of hip hop and dance music on the road for his biggest North American venture to date, the percussive main attraction is joined by local Ryan Shepherd as special guest.

Kilter’s real talent shines through thanks to his impeccable use of instrumental samples, taking downtempo trip hop beats to new places by adding in flashes of guitar and tambourines. He even pulls off some live drums from time to time, ditching the monotony of 1s and 2s and favouring real-time synth showmanship. Between making downtempo beats, the Australian producer also dabbles with housey rhythms. You can hear this club-ready sound come alive in his more recent releases like ‘Count on Me’ and ‘They Don’t Know Us.’



Feature image by Jordan Munns