Getting to music festivals on Toronto Island will be much more satisfying this summer. Meet Beach Beats Island Express, a yacht fully stocked with both alcohol and DJs that will carry you to May 22nd’s Electric Island in style.

The Yankee Lady III is a sleek, 113 foot modern mega-yacht, capable of carrying 280 passengers. She features three decks, including a fully furnished bar on the first level and an upper 360 degree observation deck. Her interior is luxuriously appointed with brass ceilings, tinted windows, leather chairs and full carpeting. Organizers promise that throughout the day, while the boat runs to and from the island approximately ever 30 minutes from 2pm to 11pm, non stop house and techno music will be pumping through the speakers thanks to a plethora of on board DJs.


Tickets are $20 for a round trip. There is NO dedicated line at the ferry for this boat, meaning getting off the island will be hassle free from the gigantic crowds near the end of the night. It docks at the west end of Toronto’s harbour front, just next to the police marina.



Feature image by Ded Agency