On Saturday, September 9th one of the most prominent visionaries in the underground electronic music community; American DJ-Producer Jeff Mills hosts a special screening of his co-created art film ‘Man From Tomorrow.’ Toronto-based promo company For The People, in conjunction with FACTORY, Format, Apollo Inc. and Measure Divide host this select Toronto viewing at a unique location; The Revue, Toronto’s oldest standing movie theatre.

Running at 45 minutes, the film is divided into two parts; the first half of ‘Man From Tomorrow’ features no dialogue, but rather sets images to Mills’ exclusive film score. The second part features quotes, which have been meticulously pulled from interviews between French Director Jacqueline Caux and Mills to create an abstract narrative.

Following the film, the audience will have the opportunity to engage in a rare Q&A with Jeff Mills and Director Jacqueline Caux, probing deeper into Mills’ methods. You can purchase tickets for the screening HERE. Afterwards, guests are invited to an extremely special 10,000 square foot industrial warehouse event featuring installations, performances, and art, hosted by Jeff Mills.


Feature image by Jacob Khrist