Dropping out of business school and risking it all may sound terrifying to some, but it’s the exact kickstart that future bass maker Vanic needed to reach the heights his career has hit. His breakout success over the past 12 months recently hit the pages of Forbes, proving that he’s one electronic musician you seriously need to consider adding to your library if you haven’t already. Making a name for himself on Canada’s west coast by bending genres as a remixer, Vanic’s swaying sound is instantly iconic thanks to sturdy collaborations with female vocalists. His style becomes ever apparent in his recent remix of Above & Beyond’s classic ‘We’re All We Need,’ an edit that’s been virally traversing electronic music message boards and streaming channels.

Now, this Canuck sets his sights on the rest of his homeland, a tour that takes him cross-country through over a dozen cities. This Friday, Vanic X Canada begins under the LED icicles of Toronto’s Uniun Nightclub en route to Vancouver early next month. Unstoppable in the studio, it’s safe to assume that Vanic will be previewing loads of new music along the way.