Scintillating synths, thoughtful keys, and delicate percussion – these are the cornerstones of Austrian alt electronic group HVOB [“Her Voice over Boys”]. Most fans of the groups dangerously fine-tuned productions will recognize ‘Trialog,’ an album that found happiness in the charts in 2015. Since then, the duo of Anna Müller and Paul Wallner have produced another [third] studio album, ‘Silk.’ The 2017 compilation was touted by America’s Thump publication as a contender for the “Album of the Year.” Arriving at the outset of the current electronic music boom, the band still hadn’t found their way to Ontario’s capital. That changes this weekend!

HVOB commandeer the deep-toned Opera House in Toronto’s east-end on Friday, February 9th. Whether you find yourself in the balcony or under the early 1900’s theatre archway on the floor, the sounds of these innovative musicians will echo throughout. HVOB are supported by Lost Boy(Live) and Rakontur on their Toronto conquest.