The landscape of production at Canadian electronic music events is bilinear. You’re either treated to a dark and moody underground space or an extra sensory overload of LED panels. This wasn’t the case on a select cold evening in Toronto’s east end. Luminus, a brand new party planner that borrows inspiration from European nightlife excursions, did away with this monotony and turned The Opera House into a party that embraced physicality, interactivity and organic theming.

I’ve been a follower of Imagineers at Disney Land/World for quite some time. These creators painstakingly add thematic elements to every nook and cranny of rides and installations at the entertainment juggernaut’s parks. The Mystic Forest captured my childlike intrigue to a tee! Every corner of the venue had been treated with this whimsical style.

Tropical plants hanging from the ceiling, copious neon light filling the room’s arches and costumed dancers twirling through the crowd and on stage stamped a hallmark of uniqueness on the evening.

Uplifting house music, smiling faces, and an overall positive vibe left me convinced that this newly-founded monthly series is bound to be a fixture of Toronto’s night-dwelling patrons for years to come. With a lineup of party people stretched around the block before doors even opened, a sold-out night number 1 is a surefire bet that the aforementioned is coming to fruition. The next conquest to The Mystic Forest takes place on April 7th, once again at The Opera House.


Feature image by DED AGENCY