Deadmau5 is at war with a Canadian-born entrepreneur who operates out of Florida, a limited liability company specializing in super cute cat-themed merchandise. Emma Bassiri (current owner of MEOWINGTONS) claims that she deserves the rightful copyright to “meowingtons” and the sole use of the branding, a name that just happens to be that of the house music superstar’s cat. Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5, has filed a legal petition requesting that he hold the trademark instead.

On Monday, Bassiri filed a lawsuit against Zimmerman in Florida Federal Court for trademark infringement and unfair competition. A spokesperson representing her states, “The act of naming your pet animal is not protected by the trademark laws of any country of which I am aware. The mouse (Zimmerman) is clearly the copycat in this case, and our legal team is confident that Ms. Bassiri, a creative and hardworking entrepreneur who has built a successful online retailing business, inspired by her love of cats, will prevail as the rightful and sole owner of the mark ‘Meowingtons.’”


Also noted in the document is a mention of Zimmerman’s frequent performances in the Florida area (go figure, right?), a notion that allegedly dilutes MEOWINGTONS LLC’s brand. If I had to choose between a cat costume onesie and tickets to Ultra Music Festival, I’m clearly taking the onesie!

She says she launched her brand in 2014 because she “saw massive opportunities in businesses that target the underserved demographic of cat owners and cat enthusiasts.” Zimmerman adopted his cat in 2010.

Deadmau5 commented on the matter Tuesday, “From the very beginning I was working to find a way to resolve this situation amicably. Now I am forced to litigate this woman out of existence. Bye bye Emma Bassiri. I am going to protect the trademark I have been using since 2011.”

For those readers adept in the legal department, have a gander at the 24-page complaint HERE.

H/T EDMTunes