What would you do to get the best picture you could of one of your favourite musicians? One proud Canadian exceeded all common expectations at Ultra Music Festival by climbing what looks to be 3 or 4 precarious storeys up a giant tree just to capture a moment.

Earlier this week, a photo of a Canuck hoisting the ol’ red and white Maple Leaf high above the crowd at Miami’s biggest spring break party went viral. Traversing the streamer-covered branches of a tree near the main stage on day 3 of Ultra, Torontonian Jonathan Liew took part in this now Canadian tradition too, thanks to musicians like Rezz sharing snapshots of sneaky ascents. In Jonathan’s case, his camera was along for the ride.

“I wanted a good picture, so I brought my camera gear and a water pack,” says Jonathan, who yearned for a better perspective to snap a photo of Galantis’ sunset performance. He stayed in his forested perch long enough to catch Hardwell throw down some big room tunes as well. Pointing out how beautiful the backdrop of downtown Miami was, he defines what he saw from up there as “a vast see of peace, love, unity, and respect.”

“Everyone was going wild. You could see all the flags, and people getting shoulder rides. It was an international spectacle up there.”

“The “Ultra Tree” wasn’t difficult to climb until you reached the top where the branches are weaker,” says the Canadian cragsman. It wasn’t all fun and games though. After taking in the view, Jonathan admits that he was intimidated by heading back from where he came from, saying “you kind of sh*t your pants, and realize you have to go back down. It must of been 40 feet at least to the ground.”

Jonathan wants to put rumours to rest that he was taken in by police or security services once he made it back to the ground. “When climbing down, I found a gentlemen waiting for me with my sunglasses. He waited an hour down there with my glasses which shows how kind people are. There was no security around, I went for a beer and disappeared into the crowd.”

The last time Jonathan actually climbed a tree wasn’t during a childhood game of tag like most of us would admit. He says he showed of his skills (because that’s what this is now) while backpacking through South Africa last year. “If you’re going to climb the tree, do it sober. Don’t be on the news for something stupid.”

His reasoning for Canuck tree climbers being the ones getting all the social media love in videos and photos – “Canadians are always a bit crazy!”

Check out some of Jonathan’s highlights from the festival below, including his own take on vlogging. Maybe UMF should be offering a new ticketing tier with this bird’s eye view…