For the most part, street art adds character to Toronto’s cityscape. A tag battle on the back of a Mac’s Milk, or an extensive wildstyle mural on Queen-West – these pieces are generally respected as part of the downtown urban culture. Unfortunately a tag battle just off of Yonge Street has defaced one of Toronto’s most cherished concert theatres, Massey Hall.

The deed was done yesterday by two local street artists, Lerch and Raoul. Rather than two sparring graffiti community members, it looks to be that the culprits worked together as a team judging by the cohesive nature of their names. Either both had a hand in creating each tag, or one was acting as a lookout to the individual operating the spray can itself.

Generally street artists do wait until historic structures are closed before donning them with some artistic flair – Honest Eds’ current spray paint accent attack is a great example of this. In Massey Hall’s case, Redditors are up in arms over the painting of 1890’s-era concert hall. “It’s more akin to animals pissing on everything to mark territory. Bunch of savages in this town,” says one user, clearly distraught by the territorial nature of this and other street art crews. Another states, “What they do adds nothing to the world. All it does is take away.”

Remember, you can use the city of Toronto’s 311 webpage to report acts such as this.