If there’s one complaint to be made about deadmau5’s brand new stage design, it’s that he isn’t taking it on the road long enough. The Cube 2.1 has proved to be one of the Canadian producer’s finest accomplishments, yet he hasn’t even set foot in his home country with its current incarnation. Posting a teaser of some new architectural art to Instagram, it seems that deadmau5 is now designing an alternate copy of the intimidating visual performance, one that can fit in smaller venues.

Many touring electronic musicians create alternate or modular stage designs that can shift dimensions to suit venues of varying size. A great example of this is Amon Tobin’s Isam 2.0 tour, an immersive audio visual experience that relies on the projection mapping of gigantic cube-shaped puzzle pieces that can be stripped down to fit limited performance space. Just last year, Seven Lions’ Journey Tour jumped between 3 setups that were tailored to small, medium and large concert halls.

Let’s hope that this stripped-down version of the cube means the mau5 will be heading to more markets sooner than later. The Lots of Shows in a Row tour wraps up in Chicago this week after a two night stint at Aragon Ballroom. Deadmau5 then embarks on a string of back to back performances with Europe’s Eric Prydz for the rest of the summer. Paired with the revival of his LED-covered mau5 head, it seems like we have much to look forward to from the mind of Joel Zimmerman.