Maddmon is the personification of what is intriguing about Toronto’s millennial house music movement. Navigating the provocative and trendy world of sensual gangsta house, this producer’s dedication to producing/remixing and performing has been compelling to onlookers. With a Bestival performance and a major club residency written in the books for Maddmon last year, I thought it was appropriate to get the lowdown on Toronto’s alluring subterranean house music movement from this active voice.

Recently, Maddmon summoned a blip to the radar of Billions, a deep house publisher based in Australia that specializes in underground club bangers. The label commissioned him to remix Elevator Musik’s ‘Bumpin’,’ an edgy gangsta house beat full of sexual synth patterns. “I was very flattered that they reached out to me, they have an amazing roster and quality releases that I greatly support,” says Maddmon. The remix – as part of a greater 4-track package – brings to life an unapologetic assortment of darker vibes while pulling back on the synths and putting greater devotion into percussion and ambiance.

Although Maddmon proves to be a formidable emerging craftsman in the studio – he’s built a name for himself over the past year (and change) as one of Toronto’s more active house music DJs. “Time management is key, I have to balance a hectic lifestyle,” says the producer who is avoiding having an identity crisis when it comes to being labelled as both a “local dj” and a “producer” at the same time. “Getting the opportunity to play big shows and festivals and cool intimate venues is a major inspiration in my music. It helps me grow and refine myself as an artist. I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing talent internationally and locally, and they always have some good advice to give. Whether it be certain tricks for mixing or production methods, I always listen to what they have to say and try to better myself every day.”

In 2013, the young producer moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Toronto to pursue his passion as an electronic musician. While the harsh weather of MB can be an inspiring climate for songwriting itself, nothing jogged this producer’s mind much like the active and energizing capital of Ontario. “There is always going to be a partial influence from the past. But in all honesty Living in the city of Toronto has had the most influence with my sound. Having the opportunity to check out amazing events during weekdays and weekends. I sometimes forget to sleep. I am carving out my own path but there will always be a part of me and my experiences and influences in my music.”

With g-house being at the forefront of the millennial underground dance music community right now, Maddmon(like most) is pumped about the future of some rapidly expanding local and international banner wavers for the movement. “As of right now, I would say the label This Aint Bristol is killing it. Everything they release is straight fire. And Toronto’s very own home grown label BAD LQQK with legendary international artists such as Don Rimini are doing amazing things in the underground house scene.”

Maddmon is both proud of these brands as a spectator, but also thankful that these collectives exist as a breeding ground for up and coming musicians. “It feels great to be a part of such a diverse range of talent in one team.”


“BADLQQK has done an amazing job focusing on quality music, they definitely play a huge role in pushing the dark deep house genre. 2017 is going to be another great year for the label and I am so happy to be a part of it. Their artist roster is internationally recognized and they have some cool releases coming up. I just recently finished a remix for them too.”

Maddmon’s 2017 has initiated free from restraints. As a key contributor to the soundscape of Bathurst Street’s The Hoxton nightclub before its closure, he’s continuing the new year with a clear slate and a check list full of ambition. “It was emotional to see The Hoxton close. That place was legendary and has opened a lot of opportunities for me. Toronto is home but there are a lot of great things happening outside of the city that I would like to pursue. I am an artist, I have a vision and its clear its going to take time, there are good days and bad days, but it takes years for an overnight success moment.”

Maddmon’s remix of ‘Bumpin” arrives via Billions on February 28th.

Photos by Kurtis Hooper