A picture frame, a vase and white wall, @Rebelindustry requires very little in her backdrop to impress viewers and social media influencers with her slick shuffling dance moves. Real name Sabrina Angela – the 24-year-old Canadian has been impressing the internet electronic music community through superb timing, a spunky attitude and a great choice in tunes. Sabrina’s line of impressive footwork has landed her inclusions in several highly viewed compilation videos too, including this one that amassed a play count of over 7-million. She’s also clocked over 100,000 views on her own personal Youtube profile and launched a website.

More recently, Sabrina has decided to offer her expertise to those who wish to step up their own shuffle game. Teaming with the Toronto Rockers Union, a highly active collective of electronic music dancers, she’s launched her own brand of beginners shuffle lessons – one of which happens to be this Saturday, March 11th. At Yonge Street’s Steps Dance Studio from 3PM to 4PM, Sabrina will be teaching basic steps and techniques that form the basis of all types of shuffling, including; “running man” and “T step.”

“Once I started getting more confident in my progress, I was excited to go to events and just let loose, shuffling and shaping all over the dance floor,” says Sabrina, who began discovering newfound ways to dance back in 2015. “Everything was new again, and I could interpret the way the music felt in my body, which is such an amazing feeling.” Sabrina intends to give beginners at her series of lessons the same kick start to reinvigorate their own relationship between dance music and themselves. She indicates that before she felt confident about her own moves, she tended to find a corner of the club and practice on here own, primarily Coda at Bathurst and Bloor.

17076860_1655694494731532_4551972448160972800_n Sabrina at Electric Elements Music Festival ~ @immortalculture

Transitioning from a love for dancing in general to a master of the dance floor was nearly second nature to Sabrina, a self-taught cohesion to a beat that eventually transformed into a passion to perform in front of others. “My first impression was that I never wanted to stop (other than the fact that the cardio is extreme). It feels amazing to be able to share your passion with others.”

“Ask anyone who shuffles and they will tell you how addictive it is! I think crowds really help circulate the positive energy, almost as though itโ€™s contagious,” Sabrina implores.

In 2015, Rebelindustry started to become a reality, an amalgamation of Sabrina’s knack for social media and her strive to demonstrate her dance moves to a wider audience. Browse through her burgeoning Instagram profile and you’ll discover countless videos tallying tens and even hundreds of thousands of viewers. “I think creativity is key. For me, itโ€™s about innovating, reinventing and constantly staying ahead of the game,” she says when speaking about what makes for the trendiest videos. “I take pride in my music preferences and choose songs that Iโ€™m currently obsessing over. When the music is inspiring, it pushes me further, and the energy shows. I think, when you are truly having fun and enjoying what you do, people respond to [it]. When the energy is high, and the setting is golden, thatโ€™s when the magic happens.”

Multiple genres, varying styles and wardrobe changes that would make even Beyonce jealous are the themes that showcase Rebelindustry‘s constant evolution as an artist. “Sometimes Iโ€™ll be doing something and Iโ€™m hit with inspiration. Iโ€™ll grab my camera and just go at it. Other times Iโ€™ll be dancing at a festival letting loose and someone will catch a candid clip.” She calculates that spontaneity is the fundamental to all her trendiest moments.

As mentioned, Sabrina’s transformation into Rebelindustry happened immediately after she discovered her newfound addiction to shuffling. “I was trying to come up with a catch phrase or motto that represented my attitude and the way I live my life.” She details how this alias represents the idea of rebelling from normality.

“When I started shuffling I realized this was part of my way of life […] important not just for myself but for all of society.” Sabrina says that this past time doubles as a lifestyle for her, a driving force that galvanizes her ability to focus. “Dance has always been a way for me to rebel the negative experiences in my life, an outlet to express my stresses and fears. As I get older I realize what is important, and now I share this belief, with confidence to the world.”

With her priorities in check, a seriously catchy social media feed and a strive to demonstrate her talents to others, Sabrina is delighted about the next phase of her brand and shuffle culture. “For shufflers, our favourite time of year is when the weather gets warmer and we can enjoy the sunshine as well as the ample events and festivals. I would love to take performances to a whole new level this year, at events or festivals. I love collaborating with fresh like minded individuals so I definitely see myself being involved in a multitude of projects, some of which are already under way.”

Sabrina mentions that followers should look out for her in 2016’s Veld Music Festival after movie, a project that she partially took a leading roll performing throughout.” Opportunities like these are a prime example of the responsibility she is undertaking, hoping to represent Toronto and Canada’s expressive dance community, whether it be at the biggest music festivals, or by teaching. “That is the reason why I joined Toronto Rockers Union. I felt the passion and the need to share with others the positivity that comes from doing what you love and pursuing your passion. I started running classes through the TRU community, and they are the first ever shuffle classes in Canada! For me, itโ€™s all about getting more people involved and providing an outlet for others. I encourage newcomers and am happiest when I can inspire others to learn! Teaching and providing a gateway to this dance style has been so fulfilling and Iโ€™m proud to be a part of this evolution.”

Sabrina left me with her own master list of shufflers you should be on the lookout for. Some Canadian and some international, these are her picks for you to follow on Instagram if you really want be blown away. “Some of the popular shufflers include (using Instagram handles): @ecruz_n, @gabbyjdavid, @2pull, @sb.val (admin of Shuffle Babes), @beckieeejoy (admin of Girls That Shuffle), @rica.senpai, @nes.edith, @lolashufflebunny, and so many more. But there are so many less known shufflers that have so much talent that I also watch on the regular. Specifically, in Canada, there are some rising stars as well! Some include @genousse, @maveywavey, @ghazi.reflex, @andcrashx, @charliesangeksftw, @yaxology, @housmau5, @j.solvei, and my favourite and good friend @solisstf. Itโ€™s amazing to see the rising Canadian talent!”