If you live in Toronto and love heavy bass music, Adelaide Hall is the place to be on April 15th. Figure, a master of all things filthy, is headlining the bass-packed show. A few of Toronto’s local dubstep DJs such as Henderson, Dex Arson, and Charlie Zane will be warming up the decks for the main act.

All the locals are fans of Figure’s music and say he is one of dubstep’s most unique and talented artists. “I love his style of just that smashing dubstep. It’s an absolute honour to be able to play that night,” Dex Arson says.

Henderson agrees, he says, “Playing for someone that big is such an honour and I’m so excited to play.”
Henderson loves trap but plans to open for Figure with some filthier types of bass music. “It’s looking like this will probably be the heaviest set I’ve played to date and I’m stupid stoked for it,” he says. “My goal is to literally break necks and make that place a blood bath.”

Dex Arson has a similar mind set for the Figure show. He is excited to play a lot of his new material and unreleased IDs. I’m definitely going to throw down a heavy dubstep set. I’ve got a lot of heavy new tunes I’ve been working on and yea, it’s going to crush,” Dex Arson says.

unspecified-3 The Crypt Series at Adelaide Hall ~ Kurtis.Hooper

Charlie Zane has similar mind set going into the show, and plans to play a few heavy tracks mixed with some originals. “It’s going to be pretty heavy set but not figure heavy. I’ll definitely be playing a lot of my own music,” Charlie Zane says.

The relatively new Toronto-based booking company, Dead Royalty Productions, booked all the artists for the upcoming show. Dead Royalty’s owners, Evan Wallace, Zak Shessel, Jesse Shessel, and Alex Maunsel have a real passion for dubstep and bass music. “The reason we book people that play purely bass music is because that’s what we are into. It’s a passion project for all of us,” Wallace says. Dead Royalty recently partnered with Toronto-area event throwers and venue owners Embrace to throw some upcoming collaborative shows, such as Pegboard Nerds mid-May and Kill The Noise early June at Maison Mercer.

Wallace says the reasoning behind the partnership is to expand their brand and create new opportunities. “Partnering with them means more possibilities and being able to do things we can’t do on our own,” Wallace says. “We’re really hopeful and excited that it’s going to lead to some more cool projects with them down the road.” Dead Royalty are also working on lots of other exciting projects, according to Wallace.

unspecified-2 Subject 31 at Adelaide Hall ~ Kurtis.Hooper

“We’re in the middle of building our own stage. Hopefully, we can unveil that one soon,” he says. Wallace is glad he is able to build Dead Royalty’s brand so close to home. Recently announced, the Figure show itself is going to be the first Dead Royalty event featuring visuals. Wallace says we can expect to see the same at future shows since introducing the Monarch Visual System.

“The bass scene here is amazing. The people are amazing, that’s where it thrives. It definitely still has room to grow,” says Wallace. This will be Dead Royalty’s fifth show. The company was originally founded in early September of 2016. Soon after they threw their first official show at Adelaide Hall in December, featuring Far Too Loud as the headliner. Since then, the company has brought in many big names from the bass scene, such as Midnight Tyrannosaurus, EH!DE, D-Jahsta, Crowell, and Subject 31.

The most recent Dead Royalty show featured Crowell and Subject 31 as part of a new series of shows called the Crypt Series. The boutique run of club events is meant to bring out underground artists of all bass genres. Dead Royalty plans to throw more shows for the series in the future, according to the co-owners.

For now, bass heads can get their fix April 15th at Adelaide Hall. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased online HERE.

Feature image by Kurtis.Hooper