Figure has a reputation for taking his listeners on a journey to the darker and scarier side of dubstep. With spooky samples layered over mind melting bass, he keeps his followers head banging to the beat.
So far in 2017, Figure has played several shows across the United States and a festival in Belgium, most notedly a 15+ date tour performing back to back with Indiana-raised Indie/Hip-Hop musician Cas One.

In terms of music, he has already dropped two collaborations and an EP in 2017. In February he released a frightening Monsters 7 Remix EP, a song with Bear Grillz called ‘The Game,’ and in March he released a new heavy track with Niveau Zero called ‘Escape.’ Figure hasn’t only been working on making the filthiest dubstep known to man – he’s also been working on a hip-hop album with Cas One that is set to release for April 21st. Prior to the release, on April 15th he will be stopping by Toronto to throw down at Adelaide Hall. Click HERE to purchase tickets online for the show, and RSVP for the event HERE.

TRC: With all the new music you have been releasing, what kind of tunes should we expect to hear in your set at Adelaide Hall? Will there be a lot of IDs?

Figure: Tons of new stuff from me, even some of Monsters 8 (Released in October) and tons of new stuff from like-minded producers. I always try to support and play out crazy shit as always, you know!


TRC: Your new album with Cas One called So Our Egos Don’t Kill Us is set to release April 21st. What has it been like switching from dubstep to working on a hip-hop album with Cas One?

Figure: It’s been fun to do something I grew up doing again. Making an entire hip-hop album gave me a nice break mentally from electronic music, and via that little break, the album is now done. I’ve just been working my ass off on so much new heavy bass stuff. I can’t wait to see what my die hard Figure fans think about my approach towards hip-hop, with Cas One.

TRC: You released some heavy tunes with Bear Grillz and Niveau Zero over the past couple months as well as the Monsters 7 Remixs EP. What other types of new music have you been working on?

Figure: Well as I said above, a new hip-hop album is about to come out later in April 2017 on Strange Famous records. I’ve been working on tons of scary sounding music as always, and a lot of spacey sci-fi throwback synth stuff.

TRC: Speaking of scary stuff, almost all your songs have some sort of spooky theme to them. From Freddy Krueger to The Exorcist, it seems every day is Halloween for you. Where do you draw the inspiration to make thematic tracks? 

Figure: It’s just my entire life, from my childhood to now, horror movies and music is my nature. I don’t really even set out to make things themed or to sound scary, it’s my personality. My dad used to run 3 big Haunted House’s and was a DJ. Plus, I grew up in an extremely fucked up dark scary basement… and always binge watched Horror movies that were WAY too messed up for me to see as a kid. It’s instilled in me.

TRC: You haven’t played a show in Toronto since Safe and Sound back in 2015. Would you say you are excited to be playing in Toronto again?

Figure: Hell yea I am. I love that city for multiple reasons that have nothing to do with the show side of things. And then you add the fact that the shows are always awesome – sign me up!