The official nominees for the yearly celebration of all things nightlife in Ontario’s capital was released this week. With the winners being announced next Monday, December 19th, I’m reminded that I’ve complained for years about the brand’s web 1.0 interface and their knack for copy and pasting the previous year’s nominees over to the next. This time around, the Toronto Nightclub Award’s webpages have been given a slight update, and the layout of their format has been altered with a fresh coat of paint. Instead, I’m leaving you with a bunch of my own questions about the validity of many of these shortlist categories.

Why does the Toronto Nightclub website refer to these as the “top 5” for each category, meanwhile many include 6? There can’t be THAT many ties, can there? Why is there a category for venues outside of the GTA region, meanwhile those same venues get lumped into some other categories? Why is a company called Club Scene nominated for a marketing award? That’s like calling your grocery store Food & Stuff. How are INK Entertainment, Capture Group and Embrace not nominated as “Promoter Of The Year”? Sure, they’ve moved on to bigger and better things than solely catering to the bottle service crowd in small venues, but shouldn’t that legitimize them enough to be indisputable winners? How come the “best bar” category doesn’t look like THIS?

How the heck is Soho House not included in “Best Upscale Club or Lounge” (Seriously, the cover is nearly $2,000)? How come The Thompson isn’t nominated for “Best Patio” (pool + roof)? How come M2, a duo that didn’t play gigs together in the 2016 calendar year, are nominated for best “house” DJ? Heck, how is REZZ nominated in that category? She doesn’t play house music, let alone perform as a resident in this city. Why are there festivals in the “Festival of The Year” category that didn’t take place in the city of Toronto, meanwhile the one Toronto festival that is actually nominated at the World Festival Awards isn’t? How come Trapment isn’t nominated for best “club” DJ? He’s THE best DJ in Canada – this isn’t an opinion, he is actually qualified and ranked and is representing the country at the global finals in Chile. Why does the “Best Nightclub Photographer” category not include TheSupermaniak or Ded Agency, a collective of the most cutting-edge photographers in the city who are both pushing boundaries and shooting for the biggest nightlife clients country-wide on a nearly weekly basis?

The Top 5…ish nominess for each category are as follows:

Nightclub Of The Year:

Best GTA Nightclub:
Luxy (Vaughan)
&Co (Mississauga)
Dirty Martini (Oakville)
Blue Suede Sues (Mississauga)
IVY Social Club (Vaughan)

Best Bar:
Bar 244
Rock N Horse
Nashville North
Tequila Jacks
Velvet Underground

Club Owner Of The Year:
Charles Khabouth (ink)
Nick (Bloke, Same)
Vito Tomassichio (Nest)
Kit (Nashville North)
Enzo Grossi (Ivy Social Club)
Zlatko (Muzik)

Manager Of The Year:
Danny OK (Same)
Richard (UNIUN)
Tom and Dino (Fiction)
Nelson Haines (Brassaii)
Giuseppe C (Same)

Promoter Of The Year:
Lyme Productions
RedLine Toronto
Bliss Media

Best Host:
Bill (from B&A)
Dom (from NRG)
Adnan (Adnanmedia)
Golani Elmakias
Joey (Epic Events)
Feta (I Make Noize)

Best New Generation Promoter:
I Make Noize
RedLine Toronto
Just Entertainment
Bliss Media Events

Best Patio:

Best Upscale Club or Lounge:

Best New Club:
Candyland (Toronto)
Lavelle (Toronto)
REBEL (Toronto)
Early Mercy (Toronto)
BLVD (Toronto)

Best Marketing Manager:
Mike Henry (ink)
Domenic (NRG)
Nelson (Brassaii)
Dom (Club Scene)
Massimo Grisafi
Peter Dimov (Elevate)

Best Industry Night:
Everleigh Tuesdays
Bloke Sundays
EFS Wednesdays
Uniun Sundays
Lost and Found Mondays

Latin Promoter Of The Year:
Goodlook Ent
Blackcherry Ent
John Gallego
Oro Entertainment
Nico P.

Best Local DJ (House):
M2 (Macri & Mastertrak)
Joee Cons
Mark Oliver

Best Local DJ (Club):
Mike Toast
4 Korners
John J
Jed Harper
Dj Matrixz
Delirious and Alex K

Best College/University DJ:
DJ Fantasy
DJ Couture
DJ Johnny A
DJ Knoxx
DJ MIXnMatch

Best Promo Models:
Scene Queen
Femme Fatale
Cotton Candy
Luxe Promotional Models
Bombshells Exclusive
Cashmere Staffing Agency

Best Gogo Dancers:
StarMuse Entertainment
Bambi World
Femme Fatale

Best Bartender:
Leanna Ellisa (Cabana/Uniun)
Laura Cos (Bloke)
Moshe Revivo (Muzik)
Kayleigh Mckellar (Ivy Social Club)
Celine Laflamme (Luxy)
Valerie Davis (Fiction)

Best Sound System:
Nest (Dynacord)
Coda (PK)
Maison (Funktion One)

Doorman of The Year:
Earl Francis (Weslodge)
Ave (Big) Gill (Wayward)
Amir (Same)
Samir (Uniun)
Shem (Fiction)
Big Al (Muzik)

Best Server:
Alanna (UNIUN)
Rachel Wright (Brassaii)
Sophie Palacio (Bloke)
Giulia Aquino (Muzik)
Rinya Cyrus (Bloke)
Sandy Sobieski (Addison)

Club Staff of The Year:

Best Weekly Party:
Saturdays at Muzik
Saturdays at Maison
Fridays at Bloke
Sundays at UNIUN
Saturdays at Same
Saturdays at EFS

Party of The Year:
Rebel Grand Opening
Northern Lights Boat Cruise
Red Party at Cabana Pool Bar
Tiesto at Cabana Pool Bar
Danny Tenaglia at NEST

Festival of The Year:
EverAfter Music Festival
Electric Island
Electric Elements

Best Radio Station:
Flow 93.5
Edge 102
Kiss 92

Best Radio Personality:
Tony Monaco
Chris Biggs
Danny D
Hammer Matt Wreggitt
Scott Fox

Best MC:
DEVO Brown
Dom (clubscene)
Celebrity Dru
The Iceman
Nico P

Best Nightlife Entertainment:
The Illuminautians
Marko Bongo
Technocolour Dreams

Best Nightclub Photographer:
Arudz Goudsouzian
James Yigitoz (PRCPTN)
Moses Sousa
Drew Haran
Tobias Wang

Feature image from GetPointB