While you’re hiding inside from the freezing cold Toronto weather, one digital artist has given you another way to navigate the city. Ontario’s capital has now been recreated in the form of Minecraft.

Alden Cudanin is the digital artist behind the Instagram account @minecraft.toronto. You’ll for sure have caught his work in the past in the form of his half-and-half historical photo mashups. What’s interesting is that his Instagram feed is very similar to some popular local photography accounts – you’ll see a bunch of rooftop angles and highly recognizable buildings in block form.

According to BlogTO, Alden hopes to share his world outside of a private server and make it available for players to download and tour through on foot. He also hopes to put a version out there for multiplayer play and for fellow creators to build together.

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Alden also provides walkthrough videos of his journeys through the digital Toronto. The below clip demonstrates the creator’s method of designing framework for condos near the CN Towers before adding all the fixtures like walls and balconies.

H/T BlogTo