When there’s no seat space left on the subway, but someone decides to take up the remaining spots with their feet, have you ever felt like sitting on them? That’s exactly what a woulda-be social justice warrior did in Toronto over the weekend.

A seat hogging patron got an etiquette lesson on board a TTC subway train the other day that took a turn for the bizarre. According to rider Jay Shylo, who filmed the aftermath of the incident below, one man was sitting with his feet on another seat. That’s when a woman asked him to move his feet. When he didn’t, she sat on him.

Shylo’s video begins with a young man telling a woman to “get off me.” She responds, “Sorry, I can’t.”

The above dialogue will seriously leave your brain hurting. On one hand, it’s great to see someone sticking up for patrons who regularly have additional seats taken up by greedy chair hoggers. On the other hand, this train was allegedly pretty empty with dozens of free spots to sit. On the other hand, maybe sometimes people need to be called out for their bad habits.

According to the TTC website, there is a rule against putting your feet on the seat (bylaw 3.19 A). It comes with a $200 fine, though it is rarely enforced, a TTC spokesperson said.

H/T Citynews

Feature image via The Star