It’s no secret that Torontonian concert-goers are at a loss for live music venues. With concert halls and nightclubs changing hands, changing locks and closing doors, promoters and bookers are in need of new places to throw parties and put on shows. Canadian startup, Artery has ambitions to fill that void.

Log on to Artery’s website and you’ll instantly be exposed to a wealth of people offering up their apartment, studio, roof and even backyards to host your next live event. The platform is free to join. Artery keeps the lights on with a 5% per ticket fee, but everything else goes to the creators and the host of the DIY space.


Artery members build their reputation with every showcase. Artists use the online platform to showcase whatever their work is, while hosts find projects they perceive fitting for their spaces. Audiences simply browse the site by city and neighbourhood to check stuff out. Once an audience member signs up for a show, the address is sent to them, which maintains that “do it yourself” ethos.

Artery initiated in Toronto last year and has since expanded to Stateside where it has thrown events in yards, laundromats and living rooms. Attend an upcoming showcase HERE.



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