The Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy and CheckitKit are helping Torontonians better understand the appropriate methods for drug checking. Thursday, May 4th in Room 2127 at Sidney Smith Hall (U of T), an informative workshop about harm reduction and more will take place. With city council carefully deliberating the future of testing sites and amnesty, especially in regard to live events, it couldn’t be a more appropriate time for party people to better equip themselves with drug checking knowhow.

Drug checking is the use of scientific tools to help identify the chemical composition of drugs. At Thursday’s event CSSDP representatives will discuss the widespread substitution and adulteration of drugs, and describe several methods of drug checking, with an in-depth focus on reagent testing. Using commonly available legal substances the class will feature demonstrations of 4 reagent tests which can be used to identify a wide range of drugs.

After participating in this workshop, attendees will have a cohesive understanding of drug checking and its role in harm reduction, and will have the knowledge to take advantage of these methods. Limited quantities of the reagents (Marquis, Mecke, Mandelin and Ehrlich) and will be available for purchase after the demonstration. Each of the four reagents will cost $10 (cash only). One lucky attendee will win a set of 4 reagents, courtesy of CheckitKit.



Feature image by Armin Kübelbeck, CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons