Don’t mix dating with ticket soliciting… A woman selling tickets to Digital Dreams last spring let loose a crazed rant on an unsuspecting right swiper via Tinder. The reason – he admittedly neglected to read her full bio.

A GTAV gamer with a stringent list of demands, the 21-year old Spencer goes unhinged almost instantly. Below is a premise I can somewhat understand. Spencer is a gamer, and not afraid to admit it. She’s clearly not too hesitant to meddle her dating life with ticket reselling either, which is confusing since she’s strictly seeking a non smoker who prefers long term relationships. Has she even met her clientele before?

Things instantly take a turn for the worst when someone swipes right. Read the full conversation in the screenshots below thanks to Ebaumsworld user Solidsnake4545.



I don’t blame him, but our right swiping Tinder user didn’t do any favours by retaliating. What comes after is a hurricane of passive aggressive sh*t talking.




H/T Ebaumsworld