In the market for a new downtown apartment, but are afraid of straying too far from public transit? The Star rolled out a map that visually represents the average price of condos nearest to TTC subway stops. The infographic implements the average price of units in close proximity to subways stations using data collected from . The data is collected to roughly the half-way point between each station stop.

Not only are many car-less Torontonians more likely to rent/own a condo nearer to a public transit, but using the TTC to map the patterns follows a similar geographic real estate to where these units reside. If you’re looking for luxury, get off at Museum where condos in the vicinity average $1,029 per square foot. If you’re looking to save your hard earned cash, Scarborough or The Danforth are pretty tempting options. Take a look at the map below:


H/T The Star
Feature image by @cptvibes