Heavy Meta, a collaborative art project based in Toronto is developing a monstrous sculpture with goals to bring it to the globe’s biggest festivals. Creators of this mobile flame-throwing interactive dragon sculpture hope to give the fantasy monster at home at a winter fair in Québec, a forested bass music festival in British Columbia, or the dusty deserts of Nevada. The project was brought to life last year through the creative inspiration of Canadian artist Marie Poliak and her husband Kevin Bracken. Forget everything you know about party buses – this medieval masterpiece will make for one wild mobile music festival stage.

“Toronto has never had a fire-breathing dragon art bus,” says Kevin Bracken, when describing the novelty of the gigantic metal undertaking. “We’re excited to bring it to different kinds of events and festivals in the GTA and across Canada. We’re grateful for any public donations to our crowdfunding efforts – every dollar has an impact in bringing Heavy Meta to life”.

fve8lbvipi6hgglhdvdj The anticipated final dragon sculpture lit up at night

This dragon spans 19 feet high x 30 feet long x 38 feet wide with the addition of retractable wings. The original creators have brought together more than 25 volunteer artists from all walks of life across the GTA, including: pyrotechnic specialists, welders, artists, high school students, a lawyer, a mariner, a blogger, local musicians, and film special effects experts. Inspired by the 1981 Canadian animated film, Heavy Metal, Heavy Meta’s name is, according to Marie Poliak, “a tongue-in-cheek reference to the movie, particularly the story of Taarna who avenges a race of philosophers. It’s an allusion to rising anti-intellectualism in the modern era.”

Launched last month on Indiegogo, a campaign invites the public to donate in exchange for dragon swag, including t-shirts and jewelry. For $3000, the creators will bring the dragon to your public or private Ontario event. If successful, the team indicates that the campaign will fund one quarter of their projected costs with the remainder of funds coming out of pocket, from private donations, small art grants and community-held fundraisers. To donate, CLICK HERE.

The $10,000 Indiegogo goal will bring about the completion of the dragon’s nighttime lighting system, the tail, wings, body panels, fuel, and the necessary badass sound system.

Check out the nearly completed project below.




Photos by Ded Pixel