A fight broke out at the Queen and Broadview Pizza Pizza around 2AM on Sunday morning, and the video is now going viral on Youtube. For once, it was Queen Street East that saw unruly and inebriated patrons causing issues, instead of the downtown entertainment district. A witness informed the Toronto Star that the situation erupted with a complaint that an order was taking too long.

“They didn’t call her to tell her it was ready so in the middle of the Pizza Pizza, she started screaming how she wasn’t satisfied,” Michael said.

“She was making this big scene and then someone else said something and one person just started grabbing another. The big thing just started happening when she jumped over the counter and started throwing the chips on the floor. So everything just started going crazy.” That’s when he started rolling the camera.

The highlight of the whole conflict comes halfway through the first video when one individual is seen charging headfirst into the 10-person scuffle like a linebacker. One person was allegedly charged with public intoxication. Watch parts 1, 2 and 3 below.