One of the things that comes with being a dance music fan is having an intense library of tracks. Hundreds – thousands – tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands? No matter how lengthy your iTunes count is, we’re sure some of those files are bootlegs or downloaded carefully from some malware-covered source. By the looks of it, deadmau5 lives by those same methods.

Today. deadmau5 teamed with the file transfer service WeTransfer to deliver the first 13 of the tracks from his brand new LP straight to the downloads folder on fans’ computers. Releasing stuff i used to do completely independently from major labels, the Canadian producer is sharing all but 3 of his resurfaced songs free of charge. Made up of the producer’s past compositions, spanning the years of 1998 to 2007, stuff i used to do features a lengthy roster of sounds that range from Aphex Twin-like trip hop to glitchy tech house rhythms. A big thanks has got to go out to good guy Joel for doing us a solid. Beginning Friday, March 3rd stuff i used to do will be available at all digital retailers,
and will include the additional three exclusive tracks.


The full track listing for the free download is as follows:

Messages from nowhere
Screen door
50 something cats
Charlie can’t dance
My opinion
Long walk off a short pier
Creep (Alt. version)

Feature image by RUKES

H/T Billboard