You may have never heard the name 10Digits, but you’ll be soon inundated with his glowing demeanour thanks to a music marketing triumph. ‘Fool For Love’ is the trendy new future house track created by 10Digits featuring RnB singer Charmie. Soothing vocals, echoing keys and plucky string samples may have only graced the producer a hundred or so Soundcloud followers, but the official music video currently sits as the #1 trending upload on Youtube worldwide with over 600,000 plays.

To Toronto-area dance music fans, 10Digits is a moderately known dj who performs opening duties at a number of clubs across the GTA region. Donning a neon-patterned helmet when behind the decks, the producer’s stage presence has always been the apex of his rather moderate popularity. To say that 10Digits’ rise to stardom was speedy is an understatement. This Canadian may have just proved that careful marketing, strategic branding and one heck of a catchy tune will send a musician from the confines of their bedroom studio to the top of the charts, specifically in Germany. A large portion of the success of ‘Fool For Love’ is the song’s VEVO designation. VEVO is the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform with over 4 billion monthly views globally. It basically works as a content aggregator, a jointly owned video hosting company by Universal Music Group, Google and Sony Music Entertainment.

Choose your preferred streaming source to support ‘Fool For Love’ HERE. Perhaps Canucks like Shaun Frank, Adventure Club, Deadmau5 and Rezz will have a new local compatriot to look out for while on the road.