Listeners around the world are still reveling in Steve Angello’s reinvigorating debut of his new downtempo identity, but it’s Canada’s Richie Hawtin who has stolen the show among Coachella’s contingent of electronic music stars. When the Ontario-raised musician teased that he had a new extrasensory experience to introduce at California’s biggest music celebration, devoted listeners were sure that something special was up his sleeves. His set on April 14, 2017 was revolutionary.

Enthralling the Mojave tent at 8PM on Friday night, Richie Hawtin ditched the traditional dj booth and instead stood tall between two piles of lighting, audio gear and cables. Opening himself up to the elements, Hawtin settled there like the lead singer of a band instead of hiding behind a CDJ-laden table. Rock acts, for example, perform without a physical separation between them and their audience.
Beyond the stunning visuals materializing around him, this line-of-sight between Hawtin and his fans brought a new level of stage presence to a genre of music that tends to favor pyrotechnics over humanness. Watch ‘CLOSE’ in action below and check out LA Times’ chat with the techno legend for more details of the concept HERE.

At the moment, you can stream Hawtin’s full set below. It’s safe to assume that it’ll be pulled as soon as the powers that be discover it, so listen while you still can.

Feature image by Julian Basjel