Zeds Dead are showing off their collaborative chops once again – this time with one of the fastest climbers of the global dance music movement. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is not what you’d expect a collaboration between Illenium and the Canadian duo to sound like. Instead, the new release divides its duration between alternative pop rock reminiscent of Imagine Dragons and hard-hitting bass music characterized by Zeds Dead’s formative years. There is no dreamy future bass to be heard here.

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ feels like a mass-market rock anthem had a lovechild with dubstep, a blend that is heard few and far between on streaming services and the radio. Far too often are bass producers caught up with making monstrous and catastrophic build-ups. Instead, Zeds Dead and Illenium rise to the song’s ultimate crescendo by way of a low resonance to a triumphant wave of guitar. Listen to ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ below, now out on Zeds Dead’s label Deadbeats. Illenium returns to the Toronto area this Friday at Wayhome Music & Arts festival.