Guv 2.0 is in the works, and it’s going to have a very similar vibe to what we all came to know and love about the Guv of old: multiple rooms, a concert hall, and an experience for attendees that will reach “new heights of hedonism,” as developers Studio Munge would describe their mission.

Shutting down its doors in January, the venue to be named will undergo its renovations to make way for a 2016 grand reopening. Beyond the spectacular interior decor upgrades, the main feature will be the 65-foot stage with LED video walls installed.

Sound Academy Renovations

“Being in this industry for over 30 years has given me the opportunity to see and experience some of the world’s best practices in hospitality and entertainment,” says Charles Khabouth, CEO, INK Entertainment. “My vision for this space was to create something with Alessandro that is mature and sophisticated, both in the way that it looks and functions. Ultimately I wanted to design a space that creates a complete sensory experience for our guests.”

Some of these contributions to the 45,000 square foot space include a new black and gold colour scheme, high-gloss contemporary surfaces, unusual animalistic and vegetal patterns, and subversive graphics. There will be a new sculpted ceiling, and a bold-patterned floor to round out the complete six sides to this fresh new mega-complex.

Sound Academy

Aside from the large dance floor, multiple bars will be featured, each with their own design concepts to host a unique character. An exclusive and discreet backstage club will be tucked away from the main stage, and an intimate yet dynamic side club will provide visitors with a view of the Toronto Skyline, also separated from the main room. A central bar will live atop the mezzanine which will include a light installation hung above, with VIP booths that will offer unobstructed views of the main stage for a truly upscale experience.