For over 25 years, Play De Record has been the mecca of Toronto vinyl digging. The Yonge Street record shop outlasted major retailers like Sam the Record Man in the analogue-to-digital movement, and has been a home for both local and international music craftsmen. From providing production lessons from industry specialists, to administering a wide range of genres on vinyl, Play De Record’s storefront spent over two decades being the most respected DJ cache in Ontario. Now, the place where Deadmau5 pressed his first record, where one half of Art Department worked and Drake bought his first turntables is on the move.

Leaving the 357 Yonge Street storefront, Play De Record will be relocating West of the immediate downtown. We recently noted that Rotate This, a Queen West record store and ticketing retailer, is on the move as well. In Play De Record’s case, the store will be moving from between a strip club and Western Union, to a cozy neighborhood just outside of Kensington Market.


Play De Records’s new 411 Spadina Avenue store front will become a reality on March 1st. Moving from the old-school location to a fresh domain will certainly let the brand explore a new way to bring vinyl to the contemporary consumer. With the dance music world maturing and vinyl collector sales on the rise, now is a better time than ever for Play De Record to make the big move. Next to a creative neighborhood like Kensington, this OG record shop can cultivate a crisp and new audience that it may have missed out on at Yonge and Dundas Square.