Fresh off their 3 year anniversary celebration, featuring Claude Von Stroke and Toronto’s own NITIN, Desert Hearts are throwing a massive underground jam at a downtown Toronto warehouse. Located 3 blocks north of Ossington Station, the glass-covered industrial building at 950 Dupont will be transformed into a giant techno/house party this Sunday. Starting at 9PM and going late, you can ditch the typical Valentine’s Day settings and join the underground for a less-than-traditional romantic experience.

The 15,000 Sq Ft furniture storage warehouse has never been used for an electronic music event before, offering the debut chance to party in the massive industrial space. At the head of the project, Bespoke.Experience and SummerDaze bring their off-beat extrasensory experience to a forward-thinking space once again. As always, gourmet food cap off a unique and immersive vibe.


The Desert Hearts movement is rooted in the ideals of Burning Man, offering an intimate setting that organizers pair with a marathon of dance music. Their bi-annual Desert Hearts Festival featured a 100 hour non-stop party that took attendees on an open-minded and spiritual journey in the Californian hills. We expect that those same vibes will be transferred to Toronto’s unique and exciting warehouse venue this weekend.