Bassnectar fans across North America are seeking to rid outdoor concert grounds of trash. The journey to clean up after festival sets kicked into high gear following Electric Forest last month. This past weekend, the movement made its next stop at Toronto’s Bud Light Digital Dreams music festival.

For some people, cleaning up after one’s self and using trash cans are common nature. On the other hand, music festival properties turn into what can only be described as a post-battlefield of wrappers, bottles and other things on most occasions.


The worldwide electronic music movement undergoes a hail of criticisms on a recurring basis, but moments like these show that negativity towards these concert lovers surely isn’t valid. The Canadian and American fans in attendance at this past weekend’s event certainly reversed some stigmas attached to their festival habits by meticulously bringing their own trash bags from home and picking up pretty much everything on the floor of the gigantic space.

A chummy surprise photo from Datsik at the end of the night wasn’t the only thing worth smiling about. Digital Dreams’ Bacardi Tent was apparently spotless less than 20 minutes after the Nectar fans stopped head-banging thanks to many kandi-clad helping hands. It’ll be great to see if this sign of good etiquette inspires more to take the time to be cleaner at future concerts.



Feature images by Kazimiera Marie