Go figure, DJs and fans alike are at odds with a Toronto all-ages event producer, Crown Events. This past weekend, Crown was under fire from just about everybody at an event called Mysteryland (not to be confused with the iconic global music festival of the same name). Two confusing mishaps happened on stage leading to some heated exchanges between talent, patrons and show producers.

First, the international headliner’s set looked to be cut short. Amid some confusion as to who was headlining and when they’d be taking the stage, fans of Texan DJ Riot Ten and Toronto’s Raving Taco clashed on Twitter. Instead, some scheduling conflicts during the evening pushed the performers following the two aforementioned DJs even further into the night, causing even more turmoil in the booth.

Following along with this series of social media head-butting (some of which was deleted), it looks like show organizers didn’t provide the DJs with gear, meaning The Raving Taco forked out his own CDJs for the gig. Sure, set times aren’t generally a priority of under-age partiers, but structure and official time designations generally make for smoother logistics. Audio equipment can also be handy…

The second of these alleged infractions comes in spite of another one of the performers, Rum & Price. Apparently the duo’s set time was not only unannounced, but didn’t proceed to take place at all. Even while billed as part of the Mysteryland show with officially designed graphics, Rum & Price say they were told their performance was cancelled on behalf of Crown to due to not reselling enough stubs hand-over-hand.

“After trying time and time again to defend them, as well as justify our decisions to take their bookings, we finally think it’s high time we cut ties with Crown Events, and we encourage you to do the same. Is this really the type of company you want to support and pump money into? Looking forward, we are eager to start playing for companies that operate a lot more professionally, and to begin dealing with people that are able to maintain a certain level of maturity.”

Sure, many promoters book opening Djs that sell tickets themselves, but situations like these only spawn more murmurs of unprofessionalism and dissatisfaction from all fronts.

You can view the full snafu below embattled in the rest of Rum & Price’s comments through Facebook. Crown Events has not issued a statement on any of these matters.

Feature image via Crown Events