By now you’ve probably watched that viral video of Excision’s colossal stage setup featuring a t-rex morphing into a destructive robot that would even give the Power Rangers shivers. A portion of the LED wall begins to rise half-way through the clip, hiding the performer and giving more showtime to his prehistoric compatriot. Amassing over 10-million views and 150,000 shares on Facebook, the Canadian dubstep king’s The Paradox has gone well beyond just being a tour and has transformed into a technical sensation.

The 2nd leg of the tour comes with an even more meteoric revelation than the 1st. Recently speaking with fans about the prowess of the The Paradox stage presence over Facebook, Excision revealed that the lighting trickery before fans’ eyes isn’t created by a lighting VJ in separate booth somewhere, but he himself. “There is no one else running Visuals,” he says. “I’m VJ’ing and Dj’ing.” Seriously, throw up an extra X for this guy for pulling double duty at his concerts.

For more information on the tour, head HERE. Check out awe-struck fans losing their minds to The Paradox in the videos and images below.






Photos by RUKES