The LCBO recently announced that a batch of Vodka has been taken off store shelves that would be unsafe due to its alarmingly high alcohol content. According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the Georgian Bay brand vodka was bottled before it could be properly diluted, meaning the alcohol content clocked in at 81%.

To put things into perspective, typical vodka contains about 40% alcohol, while traditional isopropyl rubbing alcohol hovers around 70% and once-illegal absinthe has content of about 62%. Not only was this batch labelled as 40%, but it neared Everclear levels of potency (75.5%-95%).


Toronto-based Georgian Bay Gin Company has fully cooperated with the LCBO. Georgian Bay is a small-batch distiller that has won industry awards, including honours last year at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Company spokesman Denzil Wadds said “the final blend was incorrectly executed” for the batch in question. This resulted in a total of 654 bottles with the higher concentration.

So far, there have been no reported illnesses associated with consumption of the product. On one hand, it probably tastes horrible – on the other, this drink would tranquilize you to the point that the flavour is the last thing you’d be thinking about. You’d probably me more focused on how hard you’d be gripping the toilet seat.

H/T The Star