When responding to a fan’s query whether or not he might wear his old LED mouse head once again for an upcoming show, deadmau5 revealed a bunch of details about the future of his most iconic piece of gear. The LED mau5head has not only returned, but is getting a hefty upgrade in the near future too! Discontinued from being part of his live shows around 2011, Zimmerman had since then opted for less tech-heavy headgear.

The black helmet with a yellow smile has been a fixture of his concerts for half a decade now, originally popping up during his first Vegas residencies to suit the posh vibe of “sin city.” Now, a brand new cube structure won’t be the only must-see component of deadmau5’s lots of shows in a row tour.

The Canadian progressive house maestro lived up to his promise that he’d unearth the weighty headgear at his Oakland, California tour leg. Check it out in action below. Deadmau5 has however indicated that the revamped version of this helmet is “still a little ways away.”

Wtf you lookin at?

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Normal hotel room things.

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Feature image by RUKES