The electronic music world has been buzzing about Jeff Abel AKA Excision for weeks on end ever since his 2017 tour visuals claimed internet viral status thanks to hundreds of thousands of shares. To continue his momentum, the bass music stalwart revealed that he is founding his very own music festival, one where dubstep will reign supreme all day long.

Through the Canadian bass act’s own private Facebook group and trails of digital bread crumbs, the announcement had been teased to an extent, but never full acknowledged. After a Twitter user twisted his arm, Jeff spilled the beans.

The show’s location hasn’t been revealed, nor has the exact date. It’ll be happening some time in September of this year, but most likely not the first weekend, as he’ll be hitting up Electric Zoo in New York. View Excision’s tweets below. Is it selfish to hope that the festival finds a home in Jeff’s native land?

Feature image by Rukes