The Liquor Control Board of Ontario is recalling a batch of gin for being nearly double the advertised alcohol content than what was displayed on the label. The booze in question – 1.14-litre bottles of Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin. This recall was initiated after an investigation by LCBO Quality Assurance revealed a deviation in the stated 40% alcohol content by volume. The affected lot L16304w has alcohol content by volume of 77%.

The full statement reads, “LCBO is issuing a recall of Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin #217281 – 1.14L after consultation with Bacardi Canada because the actual alcohol content does not match the alcohol declared on the label. The affected product has been removed from the shelves of all LCBO stores.”

The recall notice states that this specific batch is not safe for consumption. Consuming a product with an alcohol content of 77% could cause serious illness. Customers and licensees are advised to return the recalled gin to any LCBO storefront for a full refund. That is unless you’ve somehow finished your 1.14-litre bottle already.

This is the second recall incident in Ontario in the past couple months. You’ll probably remember an Ontario-made brand of vodka that was recalled in March after hitting shelves with a tranquilizer-like potency.

H/T The Star