Police in two countries are looking for King West club event promoter/photographer Mark Holland (44), accused of sexually assaulting 5 women, including a 15-year old girl. Last April, several women came forward about the nightlife marketer from Kleen Media. These conversations led to several sexual assault charges ranging from 1994 to 2014.

Although Toronto Police put out the warning regarding Holland over a year ago, the party planner has yet to go to trial. 680 News reports that two warrants have been issued for his arrest, both of which have not come to fruition as he is now residing in the United States. As showcased in the video below, despite a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest, Holland is living a life of luxury in what seems to be California, and not shy about showing it off via social media. He has allegedly been living stateside for around a year now. American police are looking to extradite the former Kleen Media rep immediately and get him in front of a judge.