Cineplex’s 40,000 square foot entertainment complex is now open to the public in Toronto. Titled The Rec Room, the venue blends gaming with nightlife in a massive industrial structure. Residing in the former Leon’s furniture store space in Roundhouse Park, the event complex adds to the explosion of tourist-friendly institutions under the shadow of the CN Tower. A sit-down restaurant, outdoor patio space, multiple bars, and oodles of arcade games await patrons as of today.

Rec Room’s most exciting selling points aren’t the ones you see coming. For example, the venue takes a page from the book of many summer music festivals by implementing RFID bracelets as a form of payment/data collection. The ambitious facility houses a VR experience as well as a theater for live events (no, not for movies, but concerts).

Given the location, the venue has a touristy vibe, but it also boasts amenities that will surely help the King Street crowd meander southbound on a Friday night. Already, 3 upcoming events are scheduled as part of Rec Room’s summer DJ programming, one of which is a throwback dance party, while the other two focus on contemporary hits. The Rec Room’s Toronto location is the second of its kind – Cineplex aims to bring more facilities nationwide.

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