Ottawa’s RBC Bluesfest experienced an abnormally turbulent night on Thursday, with 10 audience members (6 were minors) rushed to the hospital (at least one of which was by cause of sexual assault) and roughly 200 assessed by on-site medics. CBC reports that additional workers were called in after paramedics became “overwhelmed very early on in the evening,” said by the Ottawa Paramedic Service in a statement issued today.

“At first the crowd wasn’t that crazy, but the more you would go forward, the more people would just push each other and do mosh pits. It was just insane,” 18-year-old Josh Michel explained to CBC. “Girls were falling everywhere. Some girls were crying, having panic attacks, saying they couldn’t breathe. Just because some guys like to push each other and do these mosh pits.”

Detailing the crowd’s attitude during Migos specifically, he explained, “It gets to the point where you can’t breathe.” Fans were said to be being crushed against the barricades.

Paramedics also handled an further 10 calls concerning people just outside the festival property. Another alleged issue was the apparent throwing of full cans of beer, no doubt hitting other audience members in the head.

Joining all this, a security fence was breached on Thursday, with many fans then rushing into the festival area. You can watch a video of the episode below. Thursday’s main attractions were Flume, American rapper Lil Yachty, and hip-hop band Migos. RBC Bluesfest will run until Sunday at LeBreton Flats Park.


Feature image via Wayne Cuddington / PostMedia ~ Ottawa Citizen