Over the weekend, Canadian DJ and producer deadmau5 interrupted his own wedding celebrations to enter an embattling EBay auction. The prize – Rick And Morty Season 3’s most buzz-worthy plot point, Szechuan sauce. The musician joined the fight for a bottle of McDonald’s precious condiment, which hadn’t seen the light of day since 1998 as a short-lived promotion to coincide with the release of Disney’s Mulan.

Coincidently, Ricky & Morty is already becoming a meta staple of the mau5’s live shows, most recently ending a Toronto concert with a “DISQUALIFIED” audio sample voiced by the Cromulons in season 2. For those who are utterly confused by what that means, click HERE.

According to Mashable, one jug was delivered to show co-creator Justin Roiland, and one seller on eBay had listed what they claimed to be one of the few prized bottles, having won it in an official giveaway. After the original winner of the prize failed to claim the sauce, which they paid $15,000 for, deadmau5 stepped in to purchase it privately.

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