The first rule of solar eclipses is that you don’t look directly at them. Presumably, you were inundated with news broadcasts and blog posts issuing details about how to correctly view Monday’s meeting of sun and moon safely. It looks like one Brooklyn-based rapper decided not to heed all these obvious warnings.

Defying common knowledge, Joey Bada$$ opted to look directly at the solar eclipse Monday, proclaiming his disregard for safety in a smattering of tweets before hand earlier this week. “This ain’t the first solar eclipse and I’m pretty sure our ancestors ain’t have no fancy eyewear. Also pretty sure they ain’t all go blind,” he tweeted.

Yesterday, Joey Bada$$ graced Twitter with his presence once again, this time canceling several upcoming tour dates due to “unforeseen circumstances.” He also said that he was seeing in different colors.

On the other hand, don’t rappers have a tendency to cancel tour dates anyways? We won’t hold our breath before Kanye’s employs this method in his bag of tricks.

Feature image via Wikipedia commons
H/T CTV News