On March 10th, Toronto’s Opera House gets transported to The Mystic Forest, the first part of a brand new nightlife series dedicated to immersing concert-goers in an extravagant extrasensory encounter. Guests are to be greeted by a combination of inspiring scenography, over-the-top theatrical interaction, colourful costumes and outstanding music courtesy of emerging nightlife producers Luminus.

Reminiscent of Barcelona’s famed Elrow parties, Luminus’ agenda doesn’t prioritize music first, but the overall atmosphere of the function. The tropical neon imagery found throughout The Mystic Forest’s branding expends to the venue, dropping audience members into an Avatar-esque tropical retreat. Organizers promise theatrical interaction from actors/performers who will meander throughout the crowd during the show.

Luminus’ Mystic Forest arrives as Toronto grasps for more of these off-beat parties. Underground electronic music communities often champion their own producers and musicians, and this party series gives a home to these tastemakers. March 10th certainly promises to be a treasure trove of forward-thinking event programming and cosmic design.